Wood Number Set | Mixed


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Your little one will be eager to master their 1, 2, 3s and beyond with these beautiful, heirloom quality wooden numbers. 

Each number is cut, hand sanded, and finished with a food-grade mineral oil for enhancement and added protection. 100% safe for even the littlest of hands.

This set includes numbers 0-9 in a mixture of Maple, Cherry, and Walnut woods, creating a wonderful contrast that will keep your child's attention. Each set will include all three woods, but the order of the wood will vary (ie: number 0 may be either Maple, Cherry, or Walnut, and the pattern continues from there).

Numbers measure 2" tall and are 0.75" thick - width varies by number. The perfect size for small hands to grasp.

Use for counting, stacking, math problems, and whatever else your child's heart desires!

These numbers pair beautifully with our Nature Number Cards.

* Proudly made to last in the USA. *