From Spark To Flame.

Spring, 2014: Bits of Imperfection began with a single handmade planter box and a spark of inspiration. After claiming a tiny collection of her husbands tools, stay-at-home momma, Heather, stumbled through the process of beginner's woodworking in the garage of their cozy Naperville duplex. During this process, she quickly realized her desire to achieve utter perfection was quite impossible - an unsettling revelation for one with perfectionist tendencies. Thus, all the knots, rough sawn surface blemishes, rogue wood grains, and other imperfect bits were embraced; even beautiful, maybe. As it happens, others found beauty in them too. The positive customer responses began to trickle in, and that little spark breathed a flame.

Since then, Bits of Imperfection has evolved and expanded well beyond what was ever imagined. We have honed our skills, developed new ones, and have a perpetual will to find and create beauty. We are passionate about nature, play, and nurturing healthy human connections with the Earth, its Creator, and each other. We strive to offer only products that align with those passions, sourcing from high-quality brands who share our views on the importance of sustainability. 

Our hope is that whatever goodness you find here will bring you a joy that can be taken along with you for many years to come.